Find your experience in Furusund!


in Furusund in the Stockholm archipelago

Welcome to Hotel Furusund where the border between the waves of the archipelago and the bright indoor environments is barely noticeable. We offer unique dining experiences, fantastic views and personalized service. Choose from classic dishes and modern options on the menu or order a drink in the bar lounge to enjoy on our sunny terrace. Once you have landed with us in Furusund, you are far away from everything that everyday life has meant. The large cruise ships glide past and the archipelago boats from Stockholm dock at the steamboat bridge, which is about 50 meters from the restaurant.

In Furusund's restaurant you can enjoy a hard-to-beat breakfast buffet, a family celebration, a romantic dinner or an important business lunch. The food is a big part of the experience here and we offer seasonal menus with really good ingredients.


Come and experience history, hiking and wonderful food at Hotel Furusund!

Come out and meet the lovely spring sun with us at Hotel Furusund!

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